Data Deliverables

Turner Laboratories, Inc. provides three levels of data reporting to meet specific project needs. If Level II or III deliverables are required, please request this service prior to placing your bottle order.

Level I

Our analytical report includes a transmittal letter, work order sample summary, case narrative as well as sample analytical results and surrogate recovery results, where applicable. It also includes chain of custody documents.

Level II - Standard Report

The LEVEL II report includes results of method blanks, laboratory control samples and/or laboratory control sample duplicates, matrix spikes and/or duplicate matrix spikes, where applicable, in addition to the LEVEL I deliverables previously described.

Level III

The LEVEL III deliverable report is our data validation package. It includes copies of all raw data, chromatograms and calibration records, and allows the client to manually calculate and verify the reported results. This report package will have an additional charge of 10% or more depending upon specific project quality assurance requirements. All required QC samples (duplicates, matrix spikes, duplicate matrix spikes, and/or laboratory control samples) may be charged as individual samples.

EDD - Electronic Data Deliverables
Are available in a variety of formats (excel, txt, word, etc.) Stock EDDs are available free of charge. Custom EDDs maybe set up for a development fee.

Special Requests Please Contact,

Terri Garcia, Technical Director